Can you eat ham on good friday?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can you eat ham on good friday?”. We will discuss whether you can eat meat on Good Friday and what is prohibited on Good Friday. In the end, we will understand what you make for Good Friday. 

Can you eat ham on good friday? 

No, you cannot eat ham on a good Friday if you are catholic. On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, Catholics fast, which entails consuming less food than usual. 

The vast majority of individuals give up snacking and instead eat only one big meal and two meals comprising smaller portions throughout the day. 

All Fridays throughout Lent, as well as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, are meat-free days for adult Catholics over the age of 14. The majority of meats, including lamb, chicken, cattle, hog, ham, and deer, are off limits during this time. 

Conversely, you can eat eggs, milk, seafood, cereals, fruits, and vegetables on a good Friday. This rule is not always applicable to everyone. 

For example, the rules on fasting during Lent do not apply to women who are pregnant, those who are ill or old, and children.

Children below 14 are allowed to eat anything they want, they are free from fasting on good Fridays. 

Additionally, many individuals refrain from doing anything for the whole Lenten season. Catholics may refrain from eating particular foods, like chocolate or chicken, or from engaging in certain behaviors, such as watching television. 

If you are fasting for 40 days during Lent, you will not be permitted to eat anything after Ash Wednesday.

Can you eat meat on Good Friday?

Prior to Easter Sunday, Catholics world over commemorate Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday. Lent concludes on Holy Friday, a 40-day period during which Catholics refrain from eating meat.

Learn Religions says that the Catholic Church tells all Catholics over 14 not to eat meat or meat products on Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and every other Friday during Lent. 

People of the Catholic faith were expected to fast from meat on Fridays before 1966, regardless of whether it was Lent. 

Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 are also required to observe a single supper of solid food on Good Friday. Depending on the situation, certain meals may be allowed during different mealtimes.

Due to the fact that they are fasting, the only meal that may be consumed in its entirety must be vegetarian. If required, some food may be consumed at other typical mealtimes, but the overall amount should not be more than a complete meal. 

According to the organization, there are exceptions to the fasting rule for those who are unwell and those who are pregnant or nursing.

Among the most popular meals that come under the category of flesh, meat are ham, beef, pig, chicken, and turkey. 

While eating some animal’s flesh is forbidden, things like milk, cheese, and eggs are not. Fish is still permitted even with the restrictions on beef.

What is prohibited on Good friday?

All kinds of meat including ham are prohibited on Good Friday in catholic culture. You are not allowed to eat meat on a good Friday. 

The Friday Fast is really a Christian discipline of abstaining from meat, dairy, and wine on Fridays.  Judas’s betrayal of Jesus on Spy Wednesday is remembered during the Wednesday fast, and Jesus’ death on Good Friday is remembered during the Friday fast. 

So many parts of Christendom have historically observed every Friday as a day of strict fasting and abstention from alcohol and meat. 

On Fridays, as a sign of reverence for the sacrifice that Jesus made of his flesh for the sake of mankind on Good Friday, many Christians choose to refrain from eating meat. 

What do you make for Good Friday?

Many Catholics fast and don’t eat on Good Friday. Fish is a popular choice for Good Friday meals among those who abstain from meat, poultry, and pig on Fridays throughout Lent. 

Others give up all meat and live a vegetarian or meatless lifestyle. Fish is the only meat that you can eat on a good Friday.

Christians observe Good Friday as a serious, holy day, and there are many different ways people choose to eat to mark the occasion. Good Friday with regard to eating is a very personal and distinctive matter for each person.

Fish, however, is often permitted on Good Friday, in contrast to other types of meat such as cattle, pork, and chicken. 


In this brief article, we answered the question “can you eat ham on good friday?”. We discussed whether you can eat meat on Good Friday and what is prohibited on Good Friday. In the end, we understood what you make for Good Friday. 


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