Can you put powdered sugar in the coffee?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you put powdered sugar in the coffee?”, why should you prefer powdered sugar over granulated sugar, and what are other ways to sweeten your coffee.

Can you put powdered sugar in the coffee?

Yes, you can put powdered sugar in the coffee. Powdered sugar just like regular sugar, imparts sweetness to your bitter coffee. Unless you like plain and bitter coffee, powdered sugar is a great add-on.

Start by adding the powdered sugar at the rate of 1 tbsp per 8 ounces of coffee. This is a very safe sugar-to-coffee ratio as it does not make your coffee too sweet. If this isn’t enough sweetness, add a careful teaspoon of powdered sugar.

If you want your coffee to have a more complex flavor, ditch the powdered sugar for sweetened whipped cream or a flavored syrup such as caramel syrup, hazelnut syrup, or even maple syrup. 

Speaking of a better flavor, brown sugar is a more handy and cheap option to obtain the same results. The high content of molasses in brown sugar contributes to deeper; more complex flavor notes in your otherwise boring cup of coffee.

Alternatively, you can try adding some cocoa powder, a pinch of cinnamon, or a few drops of vanilla essence to your coffee for a better experience. 

Things you should consider before adding powdered sugar to your coffee 

The sweetness level of powdered sugar and granulated sugar is different for the same amount. So, a cup of coffee made with 1 tbsp of sugar is going to be sweeter than the one made with 1 tbsp of granulated sugar.

Store-bought powdered coffee contains anti-caking agents, most probably cornstarch. Therefore, you will notice a slight change in the texture of your coffee which gets more obvious with every teaspoon of powdered sugar you stir in. This is because the cornstarch imparts a syrupy or slimy texture upon dissolving into your coffee.

Why should you prefer powdered sugar over granulated sugar?

The most important factor that differentiates the two types of sugar is their solubility. Otherwise, powdered sugar is no different from granulated or table sugar. The former is the ground form of the latter.

Due to the fine particle size, powdered sugar is also sometimes referred to as icing sugar or confectioner’s sugar. When we talk about solubility, icing sugar is the superior choice. 

It has a particle size much smaller than the granulated sugar, making it dissolve easily into the coffee, whether hot or cold.

On the other hand, each particle of granulated sugar has a unique crystal shape with air trapped within. This contributes to the slow dissolution of the granulated sugar into the coffee or liquid. 

The air within each crystal of granulated sugar is what keeps the crystals separated and dry. The absence of air and the lack of a particular crustal configuration in the case of powdered sugar makes it clump easily. 

That is why powdered sugar manufacturers use an anti-caking agent, to keep the powdered sugar dry and fluffy. 

What are the other ways to sweeten your coffee?


People who do not like overly sweet coffee and want to live a healthier lifestyle, hear us out, molasses is going to be your best friend. This thick mildly sweet syrup is obtained as a by-product of sugar manufacturing.

It’s rich in warm flavors and packed with minerals such as selenium, magnesium, iron, calcium, etc. Note that brown sugar also contains molasses in a limited amount. 

The coffee made with pure or blackstrap molasses will always be a superior experience to the coffee made with brown sugar.


It’s baffling how so many people underestimate the potential of this spice. Cinnamon adds warm and earthy tones to your coffee with as little amount as a dash. Moreover, there are studies that swear by the ability of cinnamon to improve your blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose profile.


Honey makes the coffee it’s own due to its distinct flavor. Therefore, you have got to be careful with the amount of honey you add to your coffee.

Coconut sugar 

This plant-based sugar is formed when the sap of the coconut tree is dried, leaving behind sugar crystals. Some studies suggest coconut sugar may help improve your blood sugar profile.


Who does not know about Stevia these days? This is the go-to sugar alternative for people who want to go plant-based. Its sweeter than sugar, therefore, is used sparingly. It is made from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana


In this article, we answered the question “Can you put powdered sugar in the coffee?”, why should you prefer powdered sugar over granulated sugar, and what are other ways to sweeten your coffee.


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