How to boil milk in an instant pot?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “how to boil milk in an instant pot?” and discuss the pros and cons of boiling milk in an instant pot?

How to boil milk in an instant pot?

Boiling milk in the instant pot is a great way to have hot, delicious milk without having to boil it. Boiling milk in an instant pot is a quick and easy process that requires only a few minutes of your time.

Step-by-step procedure

  • To start, take a bowl and fill the milk in the bowl. You can use any kind of milk, but you’ll want to use unsweetened or low-sugar versions to avoid adding unnecessary sugar to your body.
  • Place the bowl into the instant pot either with a stand or without a stand and then add some water in an instant pot.
  • Close the lid and select the steam option. This will let steam boil your milk while it waits for pressure to build up inside your pot.
  • Make sure that you’re using an accurate timer with this recipe because once you hit “start,” it’ll be on its own! It’ll take about 10-15 minutes for all that cooking time to elapse before releasing pressure and allowing steam to release from inside your instant cooker.
  • After this time has passed, release the pressure by turning off your Instant Pot or unplugging it from its power source. Now you can enjoy your hot cup of boiled milk!


  • You can boil milk in an instant pot without using a stovetop.
  • It’s a fast way to make hot milk for your kids, and also for yourself.
  • It’s very easy and simple to do.
  • The temperature of the milk is perfect for drinking or cooking.
  • You don’t have to worry about burning the milk because it’s automatically turned off when it boils.
  • It has a lot of safety features, so you can be sure that your milk won’t boil over and spill everywhere!


The only problem is the curdling of the milk in an instant pot. Curdling is a natural process that occurs when milk separates into curds and whey. In the instant pot, this can result in a product with a grainy texture, which some people prefer to avoid.

This is due to the fact that milk is a suspension of protein, fat, and water in a liquid setting. In order for this process to work, the protein has to be denatured, which happens when the milk is heated. The denaturing process causes the formation of a solid mass called curds.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the question, “how to boil milk in an instant pot?” and discussed other questions related to the subject, such as the pros and cons of boiling milk in an instant pot?


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