How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?

In this article, we will answer the question “How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?”

How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?

Storing bananas to avoid fruit flies can be done in many ways. Here are some of the ways to store bananas.

Target the other sources of attractions 

Fruit flies are not just attracted to bananas. You need to identify and eliminate other sources of attraction as well. These include sugary drinks, alcohol, wet sponges, and cleaning supplies like rags and mops.

Ensure the dirty cleans are not sitting open and the wet sponges or rags are dried before placing them on the counter or near the sink.

Nip it in the bud 

Clean the bananas with a dry or damp cloth when they arrive home. This will eliminate the eggs of the fruit flies that may be present on the banana peel. 

Moreover, you need to keep the area around the flies squeaky clean. Use a garbage disposal cleaner to keep your trash can clean. Refrain from placing the bananas on the table without any safety net.

Use a clear cake stand cover, domed stand, or a fruit screen to cover the bananas. This will deter the fruit flies. Make sure to clean the mess or surgery leftovers of the previous fruits from the fruit basket or nearby area.

Use natural repellents to keep the fruit flies at bay 

Remove the bananas or other fruits from the countertop and spray it with 91 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Moreover, you can make a trap for the fruit flies. To do this, fill a jar with ripe banana slices, and cover the jar with a plastic sheet.

Secure the sheet in place with a rubber band and poke a hole in its center. The fruit flies will be attracted to the jar due to the sweet smell of the banana slices. The flies will make an easy entry through the hole in the jar but won’t be able to escape.

Use apple cider vinegar as a deterrent 

Add apple cider vinegar into a glass such that it fills only an inch of the glass from its bottom. Cover the glass with a plastic sheet and secure it in place using a rubber band. Make holes into the cover using a toothpick, and you are all set.

Another easy trap can be made by adding a few drops of dish soap to apple cider vinegar and leaving it open on the counter. 

Cold temperature as an insect killer

Fruit flies cannot survive cold temperatures. If the fruit fly problem is not restricted to just your kitchen, you can give this method a shot. 

Turn on the AC or cooler in the fruit storage area and notice the flies are no longer attracted to fruits. To enhance effectiveness, pair it with some other practical and effective method. 

Herbs to the rescue 

Fruit flies are repulsive to the pungent smell of some herbs such as basil. Put some basil leaves near the bananas or place a basil plant in the area where the fruit fly problem is a constant. 

Keep your bananas in the fridge or freezer

Note that fruit flies are more attracted to ripe fruit. Eat the bananas once they are ripe or else they will start to rot which will create more mess. If there are more bananas than you can comfortably eat in one go, try using them in a baking project. 

If nothing works, store them in the fridge or freezer. Frozen bananas are a great addition to smoothies or shakes so you are basically killing two birds with one stone.

Get external help 

If the fruit fly problem won’t be solved after trying everything, get help from an exterminator. They will completely get rid of your insect problem because they are the experts in the field. 

Use cloves 

Similar to herbs, cloves have a very sharp smell. Throw some cloves into a bowl of water and keep the bowl near the bananas or fruits to deter the fruit flies.

Mix lemon and orange 

The citrusy aroma of the lemon and orange is only pleasant for us. Fruit flies do not like the aroma of this citrus fruit. You can repel the fruit flies from the bananas by storing them alongside orange and/or lemon slices.

Try lavender 

Lavender is known for its amazing and alluring smell but it can also be used as an insect deterrent. Keep a lavender plant near the fruit storage area and see the magic. 

Use salt 

Sprinkle some salt where the fruit flies often linger. Salt deters all kinds of insects. Plus it has great antimicrobial properties.

Make a glue trap 

Spread glue over a piece of paper and stick fruit pieces in it. The insects will be lured by the sweet smell of the bare fruits only to get stuck in the glue.


In this article, we answered the question “How to store bananas to avoid fruit flies?”


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