What can you do with expired flour?

In this article, we will answer the question “What can you do with expired flour?”, can you compose the expired flour, can you add expired flour to the worm bin, and how to tell if the flour has expired. 

What can you do with expired flour?

There are plenty of ways to put expired flour to good use. Let us have a look at them.

Use it to deter ants: Ants won’t trespass a flour boundary. Sprinkle some flour on the outer boundaries of your room or wherever you have an ant problem and you won’t see ants again. 

Never too old for playdough: Make colorful and soft no-bake play dough using expired flour. The playdoughs are fun for the kids but oddly satisfying to play with if you are an adult.

Turn the expired flour into glue: Yes, you can make homemade craft glue using just flour, sugar, water, and alum powder. This is probably the best use for expired flour.

Time to clean the deck of cards: If your deck of cards looks dirty and gritty, use the expired flour to get rid of the dirt. Shake the flour and cards in a large plastic bag. The cards become silky and smooth again.

Use as a fabric starch: To use the expired flour as a fabric starch, you need to have rice flour. It works great in making your white shirts look fresh and crisp.

Get rid of acne: Make a paste with flour and honey and apply it to your face overnight. Alternatively, you can just apply to the target areas and cover them with a bandaid. Whatever works! This mask significantly reduces the inflammation in the pimple. 

Bring back the lost luster of your appliances and sink: Take some expired flour onto a dry cloth and rub it all over your stainless steel appliances and sinks to revive their shine.

Clean your scalp: If the flour has expired, use it as a cheap and effective alternative to dry shampoo. Mix it with some cocoa powder if you have dark hair.

Make your copper pans shine: Make a paste using flour, salt, and vinegar. Take this paste into a dry cloth and rub it all over your copper pans and pots to see the magic.

Get clearer skin:  Mix 2 tsp. gram flour, 1 tsp. turmeric and 3-4 tsp. of yogurt to make a face mask. Apply on your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It is super effective for oily skin. 

Stain remover: Place some expired flour onto the stain and vacuum or rub it later on. Flour can remove mud, oil, wine, soda, blood, and other stains.

Can you compost your expired flour?

Yes, you can compose expired flour. It is a great way to reduce food waste and nourish your plants. To expedite the composting, you can mix the flour with green components such as fruit peels or green decaying veggies.

The green components have rich microflora that supports and hastens the composting process. Make sure thoroughly mix the flour with the green components. This improves airflow which is needed for quick and effective composting. 

Using wet flour is not suitable for this purpose as it adds bulk to the compost pile and blocks the ventilation. Last but not the least, do not use expired flour for composting if it is contaminated with weevils. 

Can you add expired flour to a worm bin?

Yes, you can add expired flour to the worm bin. Just make sure to keep it light and not add the bulk of flour into the bin. Because we want worm bin to be properly ventilated. The same reason is why wet flour should not be added to the worm bin. 

Wet flour makes big lumps that impede the airflow. However, it is important to lightly spray the flour with some water to make it moist. This promotes vermicomposting.

How to tell if the flour has expired?

Pest infestation 

The presence of dead or alive pests such as weevils, beetles, mites, and meal moths in our flour is a sign that it has gone bad. Consider your flour expired even if you notice one insect or two. Because you cannot see the eggs it has already laid that will later become a problem.


Moldy flour can harm you. You might think that separating the moldy part would make the rest of the flour salvageable. But flour is different. Mold produces mycotoxins in flour that survive cooking and result in food intoxication. 

Off-color and change in consistency 

If the flour has become lumpy, or grainy and discolored, it is bad.


If the flour smells musty, rancid, or rubber-like, it has gone bad. 


In this article, we answered the question “What can you do with expired flour?”, can you compose the expired flour, can you add expired flour to the worm bin, and how to tell if the flour has expired. 



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