What to do if garam masala is more in curry?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “what to do if garam masala is more in curry?” 

What to do if garam masala is more in curry?

If there is garam masala more in curry, you can use any of the following options to bring the extra hot flavor down:


  • More vegetables 
  • Coconut milk/cream
  • Lemon/lime
  • Cashew-almond paste
  • Yogurt
  • Sour cream
  • Ketchup

The extra heat from the garam masala will be minimized this way, so you can taste all of the other flavors in the dish without feeling like your tongue is going to burst into flames.

More vegetables 

Adding more vegetables to bring the extra hot flavor down if garam masala is more in curry. Garam masala is a very hot spice and should be used sparingly, so you don’t overwhelm your palate with too much heat. However, if you’re using garam masala as part of a curry, then the more vegetables you add to the dish, the less heat your dish will have.

Coconut milk/cream

Adding coconut milk or cream to your curry can help bring down the heat of the garam masala. Garam masala is a spice mixture that’s found in many Indian dishes, and it can be quite hot! If you’re adding coconut milk or cream to your curry, it will help cool things down so you don’t end up with a mouthful of fiery spice.


If you’re using garam masala in your curry, adding lemon/lime juice can help bring down the extra hot flavor. You can add either lemon or lime juice straight into the dish while it’s cooking, but you’ll want to add them at the end of cooking when all of the other flavors have had time to develop. 

Cashew-almond paste

If you’re looking for a way to bring down the heat in your curry, consider adding the cashew-almond paste. This is a delicious, filling paste that will add a ton of flavor to your dish without leaving it feeling dry or bland.

The heat from garam masala is not always desired in curries, it can be too intense and overpowering. Adding cashew-almond paste to your recipe will help bring down the heat. This will result in a more balanced flavor and make your dish taste great!


The extra heat in garam masala can be tough to eat, but you can add yogurt to tame it. Adding yogurt to a dish can help bring down the heat from a spice like garam masala. The yogurt will neutralize the spice, making it less intense and more enjoyable.

Sour cream

If you want to get the extra hot flavor of garam masala out of your curry, you can use sour cream. First, add a tablespoon of sour cream to the dish. Then, add a little bit of water or milk to thin it out. That should help bring down the heat level and make it more enjoyable for you!


Ketchup is a great way to help bring down the spicy flavor of garam masala. This is especially useful if the curry has been prepared with a lot of garam masalas and you want to cut back on its spiciness.

If there are any extra hot spices in the dish, such as chili peppers or cayenne pepper, then ketchup will not be as effective at bringing down the heat as it would when used with other ingredients that have less spice.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the question, “what to do if garam masala is more in curry?” 



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